June 10, 2021

Our New Release Grey Ghost: A Quizzically, Phantasmal Tale

At first, when Nick Vaughn—Reservoir’s barrel man and blender—gave me the specific details about our much-anticipated new release, “Grey Ghost,” I did a bit of head scratching and reread his email.
Cheated Rye Ghost:
5-gallon barrels
Our tailor-made alligator char
Aged 3.5 years
One of a kind heated rye mash bill
And then I sat back and pondered how I could explain this to all our patrons, as well as make sense of it myself.
“Betrayed and hot-under-the-collar rye mash bill spends three and one half long years planning its revenge from within the tight confines of its wooden-staved prison. Get your demonic bottle now.”
I went back to re-read the email, as this beautiful whiskey is one of the most sought-after spirits we make, with typically only the truly exceptional and head-spinningly treasured “distiller’s edition” cuts entering these small barrels.
We’ve had customers wait years for the less than handful of releases we’ve made available to the public. Surely, an explanation of this unusual language was worth pursuing.
Typos usually are.
No, it turns out our latest Grey Ghost, on sale Wednesday the 26th of August is not “cheated” or “heated.” It’s WHEATED.
The beautifully etched bottles hold further bewitching information about this creamy and hedonistic spirit—mainly their fill and dump dates along with an age statement.
Sounds a little bit like a gravestone, doesn’t it?
The spirit of these barrels lives on as the Grey Ghost.
Get your bottle quickly, for like most fantastical phenomenon, they will disappear in the blink of an eye!