Reservoir: A Lifelong Passion

"If you're going to do something, do it right, do it well, make it special."
Meet some of Reservoir's family as we provide a short overview of who we are, what makes us unique, and why we love what we do.


A winning combination of corn, wheat and rye with just a hint of barley from Reservoir and UFC Champion Jens Pulver that packs a powerful 100-proof punch.

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  • So Much to Celebrate! (and Toast with)

    It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

    To be a whiskey drinker, that is. This September we're celebrating Virginia Spirits Month, AND Bourbon Month!

    We're releasing 7--yes, SEVEN whiskies on September 1st.

    ~ Two new Grey Ghosts (distillery only!)
    ~ All three bottles from our Holland's Series 
    ~ Batch #3 from Maison de Cuivre 
    ~ Our Evil100 collaboration with Jens Pulver

    Be sure to scroll down for info on each release and Reservoir's Tasting Room hours!

    We searched the warehouse and came across a few honey barrels that emerged like rediscovered time capsules. We’re thrilled to release two very special Grey Ghost bottlings. (Available from distillery only for $124.99 each!)

    Our Wheated Bourbon Grey Ghost is a blended mashbill of 30% wheat and 70% bourbon, having aged nearly four and one half years in a five-gallon barrel. So not only is it a rare Grey Ghost, but a Bottled in Bond release as well.

    Nose: Light molasses, cornbread, crème brulee mix with butterscotch and southern pecans
    Body: Brightly citrusy with tangy orange rinds and pink peppercorns, chocolate and butterscotch mingle
    Finish: Warming hot cocoa and notes of black tea, with recurring scents of apricot
    Our second bottling is our Wheated Rye Grey Ghost—with a mashbill of 33% wheat and 67% rye, we blended each singular distillate into a five-gallon barrel and aged them together for three and one half years. This whiskey is as perfect a phantom find in the deep recesses of our warehouse as one could ever hope to stumble upon.

    Nose: Succulent prunes, dates, and raspberry jam with floral powdered sugar, malted syrup, and honey graham cracker scents
    Body: Rich sweet tea and heady pipe tobacco abounds, with honeyed rye bread, and golden graham cracker biscuits
    Finish: Tingling and long-lasting minty notes with lingering scents of rock candy, revealing headily spiced and mouth coating honey

    To further celebrate this unbelievable month, we're doing a rare releasing of all three of our most beloved Limited Time Offering bourbons—our Holland’s series. Available online and at the distillery for $124.99 each.

    With their familial mashbill of 15% wheat, 70% corn, and 15% rye, each Holland’s bourbon shows off their unforgettable and wholly unique finishing techniques.

    For more info, click on each bottling.

    Holland’s Ghost

    Holland’s Milkman

    Holland’s Blade Rummer

    As an extra bonus to bourbon lovers, we’re offering up our finally ready to release Maison de Cuivre—our 100% corn bourbon finished in Burgundy Grand Crew Meritage casks.

    And lastly, we can’t skip over our very special bottling of Evil100—a collaboration we did with American retired professional mixed martial artist, undefeated boxer and kickboxer, and the inaugural UFC Lightweight Champion, Jens Pulver. For Tasting Notes, click HERE.

    How about, to make this month even better, we throw in a one-day discount, September 19th, where at any of Virginia’s ABC stores, you can purchase our 375ml bourbon with a 20% discount?

    And finally, our tasting room is finally opening!
    According to our electricians, our plumbers, and our carpenters, everything should be ship shape and whiskey ready shortly for our GRAND OPENING, but feel free to come on by for bottle sales and tastings now while we put the finishing touches on.
    We’re so excited to welcome friends and fans back to our distillery. Hours will be:

    Monday - Friday: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM (until Grand Opening hours begin!)


    Keep an eye on the socials for updates. We can’t wait to see you all back in person!
    Happy September everyone!

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