• Reservoir's Year in Review!

    Yes, many of us would like to see the back of 2020, but we here at Reservoir are determined to find a silver lining wherever we cast our view. Last year we set new goals and were challenged to light the fires of creativity in a whole new way. No doubt we also kept our calendars jam-packed with work we knew would churn out great whiskies.

    This week we invite you to take a peek at the past with us. A long look back over 2020 made us realize just how busy we’ve been, and just how excited we are with how much we’ve accomplished.

    We wanted to share those accomplishments with you—because whether you were there in person, virtually, or in spirit, we know you helped to make it happen.

    We’ve put together an infographic—a buffet of all the buzz from our last year.

    Scroll below for a tiny trip through time.

    We can’t wait to help fill your 2021 with another series of amazing snapshot moments.

    Hope to see you soon!

    ~The Reservoir Team


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  • Lifting Hearts Through Art

    Lifting Hearts Through Art

    I think we can all agree that breaking the law is something most parents advise their kids against doing. But I’m going to guess that artist Ed Trask’s parents may have looked the other way knowing that the illegal mural paintings the young student created around his high school was an action worthy of testing the law.

    And lucky for countless people all around the globe, as Ed has painted his brazen and powerfully vibrant murals—both illegal and commissioned—from sea to shining sea. Those of us in Richmond feel especially privileged to see the growing collection of brilliantly washed walls around our city because Ed calls Richmond home.

    We here at Reservoir feel particularly honored to be collaborating again with Ed (visit the distillery to see his LOVE works mural!) on his latest charity project along with Jason Lefton of the incredibly innovative laser etching shop Big Secret.


    Ed is going to create ten sets of two glasses and two bottles—glassware etched with his artwork and then filled with Reservoir whiskey. The backdrop of etched glass, when placed together, will reveal the landscape of one of Richmond’s historic landmarks, the arched CSX A Line bridge—a true piece of architectural beauty stretching across the James River. These sets will then be auctioned from Ed’s Instagram (@edtrask) and Facebook accounts for the 10 days leading up to Christmas—one on each day.

    If fate and fortune bend in your favor, you can win this auction bid and then thereafter, Ed's remarkable talent will get to work, and your bottles will ultimately display his etched artwork, hand-rubbed with gold. Funds collected from each set will be delivered to the Holli Fund—a charity organized to help support individuals in the Richmond-area food service industry who are experiencing an economic crisis.  

    When asked about the charity choice, Ed recalled his punk rock band touring days and highlighted the importance of restaurant work in his life stating that, “Restaurants gave a backbone to all touring musicians. You come back from a tour and you could find a shift in between gigs. Waiting as a profession was respected, but it was my steppingstone. It made the wait time so much better, and it made me who I am.” Counting on these restaurants for his livelihood he added, “Collaboration is everything. We can’t see these restaurants go out of business.”

    Reservoir agrees. We’re putting together a special bourbon rye blend—a nod to Ed’s favorite grain combo when tinkering as amateur blender and one he regularly made for himself at Millie’s Diner when working at the Richmond beloved eatery long ago. A second bottle will hold our barrel aged bourbon finished off in a Burgundy Grand Cru wine cask, a spirit as unique as the artist himself.


    If you’re unfamiliar with Ed’s work, then definitely head to Instagram/Facebook to see a wide variety of it, or simply Google Ed’s name and read the countless articles written about many of his mural installations. Here is a website that showcases some of his gallery work. Better yet, if you’re lucky enough to live in Richmond, take a drive around the city. Coming upon one of Ed’s paintings is often like coming round the bend to see the reveal of Emerald City—awe-inspiring, and oftentimes jaw-dropping.

    Then join in the auction excitement starting at 5pm on Monday, December 14th  and see if you can be one of the ten lucky recipients of our exciting project uniting artists and craftsmen, a collaboration where we lend a hand to help lift others.

    The happiest of holidays to you and yours!

    ~ Reservoir

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  • Milk and Honey? Nope--Milkman and Yummy!

    Growing up in Wisconsin, nearly everyone I knew either had a milkman, or was a milkman. And by that last bit, I mean was a farmer.

    Mornings were either “rise from bed at 6, throw on your robe, and gather the two or three bottles of full fat milk sitting on your front stoop,” or “rise from bed at 4:30, throw on your barn clothes, and go milk the 150 cows waiting to fill all those bottles for tomorrow’s front stoop deliveries.”

    Whichever version you experienced, milk was everywhere, and the milkmen were held in high regard.

    This might explain why I am incredibly nostalgic when we here at Reservoir release another scrumptious barrel of Holland’s Milkman.

    The process to make this silky liquid confection is one involving collaboration from our friends at Ardent Craft Ales—an award-winning brewery that is spitting distance from Reservoir Distillery in our cozy Richmond neighborhood called Scott’s Addition.

    Ardent snagged a 53 gallon ex-bourbon barrel and filled it with their chocolaty imperial milk stout. Once they dumped the stout, they rolled that beautiful barrel to our front door where we then immediately filled it with 15% wheat, 70% corn, and 15% rye whiskies from 2 ½ year old 5 gallon barrels. We then tucked it away in our warehouse allowing it to snooze through the headlines of nearly two years. The milk stout that previously seeped into the bourbon-soaked wood then mingled and married with the blend of our whiskies, creating mouth coating, soul warming flavors of milk chocolate and butterscotch.

    When you pass a glass of the Milkman beneath your nose, notice the sweet pipe tobacco as the childhood memories of a Tootsie Roll tug at the back of your mind. Let your tongue dance with the touch of hot pepper spice and finally be lulled with the warmth of a deeply rich cocoa finish.

    With the bliss of 252 bottles from that 107-proof barrel, we feel confident we have enough to share at least through the start of this winter season. You can find a bottle to warm up your holiday spirits from our online shop, or by popping on down to the distillery and finding some season’s greetings in person.

    As I spend a minute or two studying the Milkman’s lovely label, I am reminded of those days of old seeing Mr. Holland dressed in his sparkling white milkman’s digs and carrying his morning delivery up to everyone’s front stoop. But I have to say, if my childhood milkman’s bottles were filled with Reservoir’s milk stout finished bourbon, his daily orders would have tripled across the board.

    Raise a glass with us in a heart-warming toast to December, and remember to ask yourself, Got Milkman?






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  • The Golden Thread of Connection

    The Golden Thread of Connection
    If I look to the past through the lens of Reservoir, I’m taken aback at all our company has muscled through. Like so many of you, we shared the same struggles of a great internal restructuring. When the pandemic gripped our communities, we were blinded by the work involved in petitioning for fiscal aid, keeping our employees safe, and the deep desire to help others who faced hardships worse than our own.
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