June 10, 2021

Reservoir's Year in Review

As with any business, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the importance of forward focusing. We set new goals, light the fires of creativity, and generally keep our calendars jam-packed with work we know will churn out great whiskies and activities that will excite our patrons.
But we paused this week to glance behind us. A long look back over 2019 made us realize just how busy we’ve been, and just how excited we are with how much we’ve accomplished.
We wanted to share those accomplishments with you—because you were there for much of it and helped to make it happen.
We’ve put together an infographic—a buffet of all the buzz from our last year working to bring you exceptional products and memorable experiences.
Scroll below for a tiny trip through time.
We can’t wait to help fill your 2020 with another series of amazing snapshot moments.
Hope to see you soon!
~The Reservoir Team